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Flashpoint Season 5 Episode 1
Flashpoint Season 5 Episode 1 That's a really satisfying thing. I think it's actually a great gift to be able to know when you're going to end the series -- to be able to think of the last season ... as a whole is extraordinary. The pressure to get this right is big, she admits, if only because the cast and crew have bonded so tightly each feels an obligation to each other, as well as the fans, to salute the series they love. Up All Night Season 2 Episode 1

The Office Season 9 Episode 1 TORONTO -- It's the beginning of the end for CTV's cross-border hit "Flashpoint."  The celebrated cop show launches Flashpoint Season 5 Episode 1  its fifth and final season Thursday with sharpshooter Ed Lane forced to take a heart-wrenching shot that reverberates through the team. The Office Season 9 Episode 1

Project Runway Season 10 Episode 10 It's a fitting farewell that will bring the homegrown series full circle to its very first, similarly Ed-focused episode, promises writer and co-creator Stephanie  Awkward Season 2 Episode 12 Morgenstern.Naruto Shippuden Episode 280

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